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Save Money and  Our Environment

Readymix  Plants have 5% of concrete that they make returned, this equates to 50m3 for every 1000m3 that goes out the gate or 50tn of stone, 48tn of sand, 12tn of cement and 8000ltrs of water most of which goes into landfill, or $10,000.00 @ $200.00/m3 of concrete that you have paid for.
Our Sitemix trucks never need to bring concrete back as we only batch what we need and that is all you pay for, saving $$ and our environment.

100% Recycled Concrete

All returned concrete from our Readymix trucks is recrushed to make recycled aggregate by a third party onsite and then reused, our Volumetric trucks use 65% recycled aggregate as standard, and can do up 100% recycled on request in both our Sitemix and Readymix Trucks.



Techcrete Readymix

Techcrete is the only supplier of both Readymix and Sitemix Concrete in New Zealand, giving us the unique ability to give you the best of both worlds.

Everyone knows the deal with Readymix, ideal for those jobs where you know the exact amount of concrete required or those large pours where the concrete plant is in close proximity.

Whereas with Sitemix you donít need to know the exact volume required, and since the concrete is always made on the spot, the water cement ratio is exact, there isnít a need to add extra water to old concrete, this means that the concrete can always achieve its maximum strength.

The Sitemix system also excels in remote areas where there isnít a local batching plant or the local batching plant is not fast enough. Each Sitemix truck when loaded on site and pumped  can produce up to 50m3 of fresh concrete per hour and can keep doing so as long as there is Aggregate, Cement and water available.


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