Terms and Conditions

1. Time for discharge of the concrete from the batching / delivery truck is 10 minutes per cubic metre, aftter the time of arrival of the truck at the job. waiting time is charged for the time in excess of 10 minutes per cubic metre
2. Where deliveries are made to sites not served by paved or metal access, the customer is to provide roadways or approaches to the delivery point to enable the trucks full access under their own power. The customer assumes all liability for damage to footpaths, kerbs, drains or other property beyond the kerb line and is responsible for any salvage costs incurred in returning the vehicle to the roadway. The customer is responsible for the removal of any mud, clay etc. from the delivery trucks wheels, and for the removal of mud, clay etc. tracked onto the footpaths or roads etc. by the trucks.
3.The customer takes delivery of the concrete at the discharge point of the mixer and assumes responsibilty for the placing and or handling of the concrete afterwards.
4.The customer is to give the seller reasonable notice of the time and rate of the deliveries. All deliveries will be made to the best of the sellers ability but the seller will not recognise any claims for delays which may occurr in deliveries.
5.The mix ordered will be detailed on the face of the delivery docket and must be checked  by the customer prior to or at the time of delivery for compliance to the job specification. The supplier will not accept responsibiliity if this check is not made prior to discharge of concrete. 


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